Game Rules

You will get a printed copy of these rules prior to the game.
It was created for your own safety and for the benefit of all players.

  1. Teams must arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled game for a short pregame briefing.
  2. The game may start 5 minutes after the scheduled start time at the latest. If players are not present or are not ready to start the game at this time, the game cannot be started and the game fee will not be refunded.
  3. Participants under 16 years of age may participate only if accompanied by an adult player.
  4. Players participate in the game at their own risk.
  5. The participants acknowledge that the door of the playing area will be locked for 60 minutes and it can only be unlocked through solving the room. In justified cases, the door can be unlocked prematurely by the organizers.
  6. People suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, asthma, heart disease, infectious diseases, or other health-threatening illnesses are not advised to participate in the game. If a player with such conditions decides to participate, MysteryRooms accepts no responsibility for any resulting accidents, damages, or impairment of health.
  7. Strength is not needed for any of the games. Use your head, not your muscles.
    Any damages caused to the play area are to be reimbursed.
  8. Do not touch the cameras. Do not touch objects marked with a black X.
  9. Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.
  10. Taking photos and recording videos in the playroom are not allowed.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in the playing area.
  12. Players must not take any objects from the game rooms.
  13. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the game room.
  14. The violation of any of these rules may result in immediate disqualification from the game, and no refund of the game fee will be made.


The participant acknowledges that full or partial solutions of the game or its puzzles or riddles are to be regarded as trade secret. Their publication or disclosure to any third party violates the economic, financial, and business interests of MysteryRooms.

I hereby certify with my signature that I have read and understood the rules of the game and the confidentiality clause and there is no circumstance on my part that should prevent my participation in the Game.

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