MysteryRooms – Live Escape Game Essen

You and your team will be locked in a mysterious room full of puzzles, riddles, keys and locks. You have 1 hour to escape the room. You need to find real objects, combine and use them. Logic and Creativity will get you closer to the final puzzle which gives you the key to escape.MysteryRooms is the real life version of the popular computer adventure game category ”escape game”. We brought this concept from the computer screen into reality. The searching, the puzzle solving and the excitement remain, but the experience becomes touchable and the place is real.Prepare yourself, we created the puzzles in a way that you need to use your brain capacity on the maximum level, to push your limits. The ancient surviving and problem solving instincts inside of you can revive.

The Secret of the Captain

“The Secret of the Captain” is our first game.

It features a vintage and nostalgic setting.
An old typewriter, a vintage radio and treasure chests
are only some of the mysteries that the captain has left for you.

We recommend this game as your first escape game experience.

You have to solve the mysteries to find the treasure and some other surprises.

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Team spirit

Although a team can consist of 2 players minimum, the recommended team size is 4 or 5. The smaller the team, the more challenging the game becomes.

What kinds of teams is this for?

A team can be everything you can imagine: group of friends, work colleagues, families, sport teams, couples on a date… the possibilities are endless.

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