Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age restriction?

MysteryRooms has no age restriction, but due to the difficulty of some riddles we recommend it to players from the age of 12. But also kids from the age of 9 have a lot of fun on a family adventure. Players under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.
There is no maximum age. Seniors are welcome and may actually help your group with their experience. So bring your grandparents!


Is there a minimum or maximum team size?

MysteryRooms is a team game. The team size can be anything from 2-6 players. Since the game is challenging and time is important it will get more difficult the less player you have in your team. We recommend a minimum team size of 4 players for the best experience.
We also have a duel mode for groups from 7-10. Please contact us for more info on the duel mode.


How much time will we need to play?

You have 60 minutes to escape. If your team is very smart you might get out in under 45 minutes.  In general you should calculate 1 hour of play time and 15 min before and after the game. All in all you should allocate about 90 minutes.


What happens if we don’t make it within 60 minutes?

We will open the door after 60 minutes and usually explain the missing steps.

Do we need any special skills?

No superpowers needed! A good amount of cleverness, creativity and teamwork will get you a long way and hopefully out of the rooms.


What should we wear ?

There are no requirements regarding the outfit. Just wear something comfortable. No worries, your clothes will stay clean.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit or debit-card on site and paypal (credit cards) online for voucher purchases.


I would like to offer the game as a gift. Is it possible?

You can buy a gift voucher. We send you the voucher via email,  so you can forward the mail or print out the voucher.


Is MysteryRooms a good teambuilding event for me and my work collegues?

Absolutely. You and your team will have a great bonding experience and a lot of fun. Mystery Rooms is the perfect incentive for a business team.


I cannot speak english very well. Can I still play?

The games are designed to be language independent. It is only important that you understand the rules which will be explained before the game.


I am a little scared of being locked in a room.

No worries. The game is supervised by an operator at all times. He will let you out in case of an emergency. In addition there is an emergency-exit. The game is absolutely safe.


Are we recorded on video?

You will be supervised by cameras for your own safety. No recordings will be stored.

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